The Global Wealth Academy's independent associates do not just work with clients who have large amounts of discretionary income or investment dollars – we also work with everyday people to help them make critical financial decisions that help move them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Choice Makes the Difference

Unlike other insurance and financial services companies that may offer products and services from a single provider, The Global Wealth Academy (GWA) associates represent many of the industry's leading companies to the consumer. This approach helps GWA associates find the product that fits a client's needs, rather than fitting that client into a specific product.

WFG associates are committed to:

Helping individuals and families who are often overlooked by other companies in the financial services industry. Working with clients to create a customized strategy to protect them and their families. Educating individuals, families and business owners that financial decisions made today are critical in determining their financial futures. Most importantly, helping them implement the education through various financial services products.