Your Future Begins with World Financial Group

World Financial Group (WFG) is an extraordinary opportunity for people from all walks of life. We are a company that believes in helping people realize their dreams.

World Financial Group offers people an uncommon opportunity to change careers and be in business for themselves but not by themselves. We offer a variety of support functions through our Executive Headquarters, located in Johns Creek, Ga., as well as powerful industry relationships, innovative training programs and hands-on field mentoring, as well as a business model that, coupled with your willingness to learn and determination to succeed, can put you on the path to a brighter future.

World Financial Group is an Transamerica company, and as such, WFG has access to support and resources to help the company and its associates maximize performance.There are many benefits in associating with World Financial Group and utilizing our financial services business platform to build your own business.

WFG Benefits

WFG Headquarter support

World Financial Group (WFG) is here to help you help yourself. We don’t just want you to survive in this business we want you to prosper, which is why we strive to provide superior support and service to help you build your business.
As an associate you are backed by the marketing and administrative muscle of the WFG Executive Headquarters and the support of experienced field leaders who’ve each built a successful financial services business from the ground up. More than 300 employees at the headquarters go to work each day with one goal in mind: helping you build your business. These employees and every leader in the field are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Some of the headquarters services at your disposal include:

  • Licensing and commissions support
  • Agent services
  • Sales support
  • Provider relationship development
  • Professional marketing materials
  • Technology support

Corporate intranet that gives you 24-hour access to important business tools, such as commission statements, product provider information, company news, client management and more.
Corporate website to help introduce potential clients and associates to WFG.

The WFG Business Format System

One of the most powerful resources WFG makes available to you upon joining the company is the WFG Business Format System1. This step-by-step blueprint, developed by the company’s experienced field leadership, helps each associate build and grows their WFG business. The WFG Business Format System shows you how to:

  • Build a strong WFG Business
  • Grow a client base
  • Recruit new associates to build your own agency
  • Mentor new associates
  • Develop a game plan for success
  • And much more!
    • 1 The Business Format System (BFS) is the core set of principles of the turnkey marketing system of World Financial Group (WFG) that helps guide an agent through the process of building a sales organization.

Broker-Dealer & Investment Advisory Services

As a securities-licensed, registered representative with Transamerica Financial Advisors – WFG’s affiliate broker-dealer and registered investment advisor – you can offer your clients a variety of securities-related products and services. As an investment advisor representative (IAR), you are a fee-based, independent advisor with the freedom to spend more time working with your new and existing clients. We work with a team of some of the best third-party money managers in the business that actively monitor client accounts daily so you can focus on being an asset gatherer rather than an asset manager.

Low Start-up costs

World Financial Group is not a franchise and does not charge any franchise fees. As an associate, you can leverage the branding efforts of the company through the use of World Financial Group’s name, logo and image to help build your business. Only $100 (USD) or $125 (CD) gets you started.

No Financial Services Experience Necessary

WFG offers everyday people an uncommon opportunity to change careers or build a business of their own. WFG’s associates come from a variety of industries, careers and backgrounds. The combination of excellent support and training programs, paired with your ability to learn and determination to build a business of your own will help you succeed.

Test Drive the Business

Start Part-Time Unlike other businesses, you can start WFG as a part-time career while keeping the security of your existing job. Virtually a risk-free chance to change your future, supplement existing income and a great way to re-enter the workforce on your own terms.

No Time Clock
Set your own hours. You are in control of your time and your business.

Moving up

WFG associates have the opportunity to develop their full potential as leaders and business owners while building their individual teams. Your personal production and hard work, as well as that of your team, are among the factors determining when you move up through the promotional levels.

Leadership Development & Mentoring Model

Learn from WFG leaders who’ve been where you are. WFG field leaders provide you with the support, training and tools to hit the ground running. With WFG’s innovative mentoring program, field leaders are with you every step of the way to advise and support you as you build your business.

Strength on Your Side

WFG is a Transamerica company. World Financial Group, Inc. and World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. are Transamerica companies. The Transamerica companies offer a wide array of innovative financial services and products with a common purpose: to help individuals, families and businesses build, protect and preserve their hard-earned assets. With more than a century of experience, Transamerica has built a solid reputation on solid management, sound decisions and consumer confidence. To learn more about Transamerica click here.

The Power of Choice

WFG does not have a one-size-fits-all attitude when it comes to products and providers. Through its affiliated companies, WFG has agreements with some of the industry’s most respected companies. You represent not one, but several insurance and financial services companies. You have the opportunity to find the best product to meet the client’s needs now and in the future.

Unlimited Opportunities to Expand Your Business

No territory restrictions. Decide where and how to build your business; across the street, across town or across the country. WFG’s North American Expansion Program helps you build your business without boundaries. The WFG Market Acquisition Plan (MAP) Leadership Agreement makes expansion easy by having other leaders in local areas assist with your expansion.

A Diverse & Culturally Rich Field Force – Equal Opportunity For All

WFG draws its collective strength from its individual differences. Many WFG associates are first-generation Americans and Canadians, who are realizing the dream of business ownership and living the spirit of entrepreneurship. The WFG business opportunity allows you to compete on a level playing field. Only you determine how big you’ll build your business. Your only competition is your will to win.

Growing an Underserved Market

The need has never been greater. The stakes have never been higher. Now, more than ever, people need World Financial Group. WFG business ownership makes sense in a good economy and even better sense in a down one. There is a growing segment of the market that is being underserved by the industry. These people can benefit from the products, services and financial education WFG can provide.

The WFG Financial Dream Map

WFG’s web-based needs analysis helps clients chart a course from where they currently are to where they want to be. WFG associates offer The WFG Financial Dream Map at no charge to individuals and families who want to put their financial house in order. Step by step, the WFG Financial Dream Map helps people put their money to work for them.

Affiliated Companies

WFG has affiliated companies that allow associates, with the proper licenses, to diversify their businesses and offer a wider range of products and services to their clients.

WFG’s affiliated companies include:
  • In the United States:
  • Transamerica Financial Advisors Inc.
  • Transamerica Financial Group Division; WFG’s affiliate broker-dealer and investment advisor firm.
  • World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • In the Canada:

World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc.

World Class Recognition & Events

WFG recognizes your accomplishments at all levels. You are rewarded in front of your peers at major events for the drive and determination that led to your achievements. WFG’s reward trip program takes qualifying associates to the world’s greatest destinations – Hawaii, Tahiti, the Mediterranean, the capitals of Europe and more.


WFG leverages the latest technology to help its associates build their businesses quickly, efficiently and effectively. Technological innovations and tools that help move WFG businesses forward include:

COMPASS (Commissions Points & Associates Service System)

IGO, WFG’s advanced, web-based application allows associates to complete and submit clients’ applications electronically.
WFG Pulse This exciting new mobile app, which has had more than 17,000 downloads, helps you manage your business from almost anywhere right from your smartphone or tablet. Through the app

list title –
Launch Campaign Manager How to register for My Campaign Manager To register for Campaign Manager at no cost click “Launch Campaign Manager”. Clicking the link will …
Navigator, an electronic document management tool that aids Branch Office Managers (BOMs).
TeamLink, WFG’s telecom system that helps leaders communicate.
WFG iPhone App – The WFG Essentials, available from the iTunes App Store and for use with the iPhone and iPad; associates can share the WFG story electronically.
WFG WebApp, allows the associate to stay on top of his or her business from any Smartphone.
WFG Financial Dream Map, a web-based financial needs analysis tool.
WFG Webinar Series – Live and archived webinar trainings.
CRM- Salesforce

WFG Corporate Websites

  • WFG Social Media Websites
  • WFG Blogs
  • Personalized WFG Associate Websites available in the United States & Canada


Launching a new business of any kind can be full of learning curves. A World Financial Group (WFG) business is no exception. But the company’s comprehensive training programs can help. WFG offers several opportunities for associates to learn how to obtain their insurance licenses and securities registration, get their businesses up-and-running, and find out about the latest trends, technology, product information and more. Here is a sampling of WFG’s training programs:

WFG University

WFG University is your source for inspiration, education and leadership training. The website for WFG University includes tools, products, and speech archives that will help you take your business to the next level.

Training Modules
  • Training Events
  • Licensing/Continuing Education
  • Inspire Network

WFG SMD Academy

All WFG associates who earn a fully qualified promotion to Qualified Marketing Director are rewarded with an exciting trip to SMD Academy at WFG’s Executive Headquarters. SMD Academy, the associate’s first step toward field leadership, is an intensive, three-day training meeting that helps the new SMD learn leadership and business building skills and strategies that will help him/her grow his/her business and team.

WFG Convention of Champions

WFG’s biggest annual event is its Annual Convention of Champions – four days packed with dynamic training sessions and business building workshops, designed for both the new associates and established financial services professionals alike. Registered representatives and Canadian associates will find workshops created exclusively for them. The Convention of Champions is an opportunity to learn from some of the top motivational speakers on the circuit. Past guest speakers have included championship coaches, such as Rick Pitino and Lou Holtz, business guru and best-selling business author Tom Peters, and world leaders, such as Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf (ret.)
WFG provides QUALITY Training for tomorrow’s business LEADERS
Discover these and more benefits with World Financial Group.